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Our highest priority is the safety and satisfaction of our clients, and we custom design every system to protect your home and family as if they were our own. Our MAX custom security client representative will provide professional guidance in the custom design of your system, while incorporating all of your areas of concern to develop your unique custom security system that provides you the highest level of protection.


Cellular Monitoring is provided through the 3G-4G Network using Cellular Communicators. This adds much more integrity to the system, since cut phone lines do not interrupt the transmission of the monitoring signal.
New Alarm System

Our MAX custom security client representative will come to your home and provide you with a complete evaluation and discuss the custom security options you require from interactive systems, cellular monitoring, wireless systems, medical emergency services, video surveillance/cctv, burglary (panic & holdup), fire, carbon monoxide and environmental (water & temperature) for your unique custom security system. Once you have choosen your security options for your home and family, we will coordinate the installation with professional installers and provide a continuous hands-on experience throughout the entire process. In addition, our security team will provide you with complete security services including sales, design, installation, training, maintenance, warranty, client support, and the most sophisticated monitoring services in the security industry.

Existing Alarm System

We will come to your home and provide you with a complete evaluation of your existing alarm system. Typically, we can re-program the existing equipment and integrate it into our monitoring services. We will also provide options on upgrades that can be added to your security system.

Excitement! Truly the single best word to describe where video surveillance has evolved. The quality of the equipment, the design, the functionality, and the multiple applications just keep getting better and better every day. The cost effectiveness continues to improve with more and more clients using video surveillance in their homes. All this and more can be managed from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

We can install smoke sensors in your home, that are compatible with the alarm system, that will notify our Central Monitoring Station in case of fire. Typically, you will receive additional savings on your homeowner’s insurance by having monitored smoke sensors.

Water Sensors

It’s amazing how much damage can be caused from a leaking pipe, a broken pipe, or a hot water heater that burst, or the many other water sources on the inside and/or outside of your home that can cause some form of flooding. We can design and integrate water sensors into the system to notify the Central Monitoring Station in case of a problem.

Temperature Sensors

Extreme rising or falling temperatures in your home can be the precursor to frozen pipes, power outages and a multitude of other more damaging events to follow. Temperature Sensors can be programed to send an alarm signal to the Central Monitoring Station in case of an emergency

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer generated from furnaces, hot water heaters and many other household appliances. We can install monitored co2 Detectors that will trigger an audible alarm and dispatch the Fire Department.

Our strategic relationship with AvantGuard provides our clients with the most advanced monitoring services in the industry. AvantGuard monitoring centers are amongst the most preeminent in the country…see why AvantGuard is the exclusive monitoring company for MAX Security!

Central Station Alarm Monitoring

AvantGuard monitoring has two central station alarm monitoring centers, and both are fully redundant, UL listed, and geographically separated.

Their alarm central stations are UL 2050 listed, which means that they exceed all of Underwriters Laboratories stringent requirements for alarm monitoring set forth in UL 827.

They have invested heavily to accomplish 100% redundancy between their two alarm central stations. Their 100% redundancy means that clients won’t go unprotected due to power failures, storms, or other disasters. This redundancy includes facilities, data, receivers, and telephones. Many alarm central stations in the industry claim to be fully redundant, but in reality most are only data redundant.

Their facilities are also equipped with standby generators with multiple independent fuel sources, which allow AvantGuard to provide continuous alarm monitoring services despite equipment failures, storms, or outages.

Their redundancy and disaster-recovery planning is unsurpassed in the industry. As a result of their strategic relationship with MAX Security, all of our clients enjoy tremendous “Peace of Mind”.

Max Security supports our business in Denver

Max Security supports our business in Denver as well as our new home and we've been well-pleased with the service. Not only are Tom and Cynthia some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, it is so awesome to have personalized care for your security needs. Considering their track record with some of the higher-end homes and businesses in Colorado you can't go wrong. - Brian S

Great Experience!

I recently referred the team over at MAX Security to a large client of mine and I have to say they hit it out of the park. There is nothing better than getting a call from a customer thanking you for sending them a solid referral. In this particular case, my client had gone through 2 previous security companies and had had nothing but problems and sub-par customer service. After working with Tom & Cynthia at MAX Security, the felt so much better about their experience that the had to call to thank me for getting them connected. Thanks everyone at MAX Security for such good taking care my customers! - Kaler H

Max Security Denver

Max Security is an exceptional company. They are a great small business and provide quality personal service. The company was highly recommended to us by several neighbors in our new neighborhood. We were happy with them from day one. The owners provided a great product, a reasonable estimate for installation, and a great rate on the monitoring service. I had used ADT for years prior and had never been happy with their contracts and up-selling. Max Security is the exact opposite! With owners like Tom and Cynthia it makes it very easy to support a great local business! - Christopher G 

Max Security is an exceptional home and business security company

operating with cutting - edge technology and personnel.  They are true experts in their industry.  I am continually impressed with their knowledge of products, attention to detail and their excellent customer service. - Sherry M.  

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